Automotive & Transportation

Rethinking mobility.

The forces of globalisation pose a destructive potential for the transportation industry. The European Green Deal announced the end of conventional combustion engines in the foreseeable future. Electrified, autonomous and innovative forms of mobility & transport are to pave the way into a more sustainable reality. Weiss & Cie. can offer holistic support throughout this transformation process.


Car manufacturing

Electrification and digitalisation present OEMs, your management and employees with unprecedented challenges. The greatest challenge lies in reinventing and harnessing the new possibilities without losing oneself and one's colleagues. Weiss & Cie. supports you in harmonising ecological, economic and social goals and further helps to leverage unused potential.

Aircraft manufacturing

With rapid technological advances and a rising order for commercial aircraft, the topic of sustainability is increasingly becoming the focus of industry attention. Significantly changed demand profiles and highly complex projects require massive upheavals in production. These are topics which we can implement successfully and take up together with you.

Suppliers and distribution partners

New mobility solutions cause the dissolution of established value chains and offer the chance to develop new areas of business. We support you in maintaining your competitive advantage and present you with new growth opportunities. Weiss & Cie. follows an interactive approach that ensures that managers and employees find solutions to facilitate the necessary change through an internal corporation.


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