Growth & Development

Growing opportunities. Especially for you.

“Meeting growth & change with excellent implementation” is what we stand for since our foundation in 2015. Across all industries, our experts support you in the development and implementation of new visions and ambitious growth targets.



Our experts advise you from the development of new growth strategies to the operational implementation. The derivation of (short-term) measures is always subordinated to the goal of securing the company's long-term existence.

Project Development

Our real estate experts advise you in all phases of project development: from the conception of the initial idea to the creation of marketing concepts.

Corporate Development

You have ambitious growth targets and want to tackle them with the concentrated expertise of your highest potentials? To do this, you need a structured process that is participative and goal-oriented. And one that further gives you a holistic view of your company and its potential. Weiss & Cie. brings expertise and process knowledge into your growth plans. We help you to design your plan in a sustainable and realisable way to achieve a broad internal acceptance as well as the trust of the other stakeholders.

Team Development

Being an attractive employer and getting the right talents on board is a considerable challenge today. Finding talent is, however, only the beginning of good team development.
Without investing in teamwork, the ability to cooperate and to solve conflicts, the most high performance, well-staffed teams will not be able to realise their full potential. Furthermore, the high performers could lack the energy for the more demanding challenges. Through self-learning routines, Weiss & Cie. offers a systematic and comprehensive view on the potential development of your teams to help you anchor permanently, on a new level.


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