Marketing and Sales

Utilise trends before they establish.

Online marketing and algorithms are changing our consumption and purchasing behaviour and established marketing processes are rapidly and fundamentally transforming. The amount of knowledge accessible to us about our customers is greater than ever. However, often this potential cannot be harnessed to its fullest potential or in the ways we would like. In larger sales processes, network, personality and presence continue to play a decisive role. We take a holistic and future-oriented view of your optimisation potential in the sales area. Your identity, willingness to perform and change are the basis on which we can jointly build. Together we can optimise your pitch appearance as well as the interaction of the team for an ideal sales process.


Market & Client

We optimise your sales process, starting with your sales competencies up to the strategic development of new customer segments. In doing so, we keep your strengths, credibility and resilience in mind and focus on strengthening the interfaces to your most important stakeholders, while working effectively and measurably on your top line.


Start the systemic development of your unique personal brand together with us
to develop and expand your network or for obtaining a new mandate or a new client through a successful pitch. We will show you the growth corridors you can follow to fully cultivate your personality and make yourself and your team fit to perform and convince in any situation.


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Julia N. Weiss,