Merger and Acquisition, Disposal

Growing closer. Together.

Takeovers and mergers of different companies bring with them underestimated challenges. However, the restructuring of assets on the corporate balance sheet can of course unleash considerable potential. Our experts have accompanied numerous transactions and will support you throughout all phases of portfolio restructuring or a merger or spin-off. This also includes effective and often underestimated post-merger integration.


Merger and Acquisition

In our consulting approach, the development of the M&A strategy is only the starting point. Our experts will support you until the organisational and cultural integration of the companies involved is completed to reach a point of consolidated stability and identity formation.


We strengthen your negotiating position and support you in all phases of the purchase/sale transaction. We do this from the outset; from the preparation of relevant documents to the development of financing strategies and the management of due diligence processes.


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